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What does a Vampire in a dream mean?

A Vampire in a dream can symbolize:
Draining of vitality
Vampires are contradiction between that which is beautiful, noble and charming and that which is dark, cruel and dangerous.
Vampires are seen as great seducers who take advantage of mortals for sexual purposes.
Vampires are known as the ‘undead’.
Is someone feeding off of your physical, mental or emotional energy and ‘sucking the life out of you’ or  ‘sucking you dry’?  Or alternatively, are you doing that to someone else?
Vampires are usually depicted as cruel and selfish creatures.
 Are you feeling physically, mentally or emotionally drained lately?
Is someone taking advantage of you in some way?
Since Vampires need the blood of living creatures to survive, there is a dependance factor there that you may want meditate on as well.
Even though Vampires can be depicted as glamorous and seductive creatures, there is a sense of the immoral there as they need to kill to survive.  Have you conflicting feeling and emotions regarding something you or someone else has done?

See also ‘Blood

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