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What does Stealing in a dream mean?

Stealing in a dream can represent:
We often think of people who steal as sly and coniving people with negative character traits.  Does this remind you of anyone?
Stealing can indicate a sense of desperation – you feel like you don’t have enough and you do ‘desperate’ things to get what you want/need.
Stealing can also justify a sense of greediness, you willingly take what is not yours and don’t think about how others feel. 
Have you felt that you have rececently taken something that isn’t yours? Perhaps you do have a right to it, but someone else feels that you don’t?
Maybe you have remorse over something you stole when you were younger, and need to forgive yourself to be able to move on.
What is being stolen in the dream? Look further into that symbol as well, as it will probably give you further clues to the interpretation.
If you are being stolen from, you may feel taken advantage of lately or a lack of respect of you and your property.
Alternatively, when something is stolen from us, we often feel a sense of unbalance, as if things are no longer in their right place. Is something missing from your life?

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