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What does a Massacre mean in a dream?

Possible meanings of Massacre in dreams:
Repressed emotions
Anger – who are you angry with? Does your anger make you lose control?
Hostile situations
Aggressive and assertive self expression.
Negotiations and being at a stand still.
A massacre can represent repressed hostility and anger – do you need to express your feelings more often so as to not express it violently and suddenly and in harmful manor?
If you are a victim in this event, it may be warning you that a situation where you are the mercy of someone else in your life is literally ‘killing’ and needs to be solved
Dreams of death are rarely prophetic but instead indicate times of change or where a situation needs changing
Perhaps you have supressed a part of yourself that you want to get rid of, or that feel holds you back from being happy? Do you want to ‘kill off’ that part of your personality?

See also ‘Gun‘ , ‘Death‘ and ‘Killing

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