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Helpful Tips to Better Dream Recall

Better Dream Recall

The two most important things to remember for better dream recall:

  • Don’t Move!
  • Write it down!

Learning dream recall takes persistence and patience and often involves taking time out during the night to record your dreams if awakened. Once you start getting more restful sleep, you won’t mind taking the time needed during the night or first thing in the morning to record your dreams.

  • Keep a pen and paper beside your bed within easy access to you at all times during the night (Some people prefer to use a tape recorder).
  • It is generally a good practice to try and right something down every morning if possible. Even if you only remember fragments and feelings or small bits and pieces, it will help train your mind to start remembering your dreams in general. In time it will become quite easy to easily recall the many details involved in your dreams.
  • Upon waking up, do NOT jump out of bed in the morning when the alarm goes off!

Sleep Cycles Affect Dream Recall

  • Instead, stay as still as possible, relax and let your mind hover in the state between sleeping and waking. If possible stay in the same position as when you were sleeping. Body position is very helpful in dream recall.
    Changing positions, opening your eyes, thinking about the day ahead of you etc., all make you jump straight into your conscious world – not allowing yourself to stay connected to your dream world and recall a dream in detail.
    Keep your eyes closed or stare, un-focused, on an empty or bland place such as your sheets.
  • DO NOT think about the days details ahead or your dream will evaporate very quickly!
woman sleeping in bed
  • Let your mind drift through your dream and move through the details starting with what you remember the most or first. Go over the dream in your mind first, soaking up all the details quickly so they are solidly in your conscious, waking mind.
  • Next, start writing your dream down on paper, starting with the most prominent key words (including emotions). These words will be the most important ‘keys’ to the theme of your dream and to its’ interpretation. After you have written down your important key words, start filling in the details. It is also be helpful to write down your feelings from the dream. How you felt in the dream about certain events, circumstances or objects can help in the interpretation as well.
  • Remember not to edit the words that first come to mind when writing things down. Your mind will pick specific words for a reason and trying to find better ones or nicer words will not be staying true to your dream and might lead you to misinterpret your dream altogether.
  • Dreams are fleeting and most are forgotten within a few minutes of waking if not purposely remembered and written down.
  • If you wake up in the middle of the night and remember a dream you were having, write down as many key words as you can. In the morning you may be able to jog your memory into remembering the rest of the dream just by reading the key words alone.
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  • You can also try drinking a few glasses of water before bed so that you do wake up during the night. Once you wake up though, try to remember what you were dreaming of before getting up to go the bathroom.
  • Once your dreams have been written out, it can be very helpful to tell someone else about your dreams in detail. You will most often find that the simple act of telling your dream out loud to someone helps to both jog your memory for more details and give you better insights into the interpretation itself.
  • Some people prefer to type their dreams out on the computer instead of using a pen and paper, or perhaps in addition, after the first initial act of writing it down on paper. As well, having dreams on the computer can also help to keep them organized.

Above all, try to maintain a relaxed attitude and have some fun with this!  Your dreams will come to you in time, if you create an environment where they are welcome!

There will be a normal ebb and flow to your dream recall just as anything in life. When you first attempt to create better dream recall by following the tips in this article, keep at it for at least a few days. It may take a little while, but you’ll get there!

Be sure to check out the Dream Dictionary on this site and enjoy amazing insights from your Dream Interpretations!

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