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What do Hands in dreams mean?

Hands in dreams can represent:
Strength and capabilities
Self expression

‘I can handle it’ – Competence
Your name – your handle
Trying your hand at something.
‘Can’t get a handle on a situation’.
Left – handed compliment

Holding hands – peace, intimacy, friendship, bonds, unity
Clasped hands -stubbornness, acceptance, completeness
Washing hands – do you want to cleanse yourself in some way? Wash away your sins or wash your hands of a situation?
Lending a helping hand to a situation or person.
Is someone using a heavy hand in a situation?

Hand over heart – patriotism
Hands tied – unable to make a move, delays and obstacles in attaining goals.
An open hand, pointing towards the sky is a sign of friendliness and peace.
Work worn hands – success through hard work, lower class.
Well kept, manicured hands – upper class, privilege

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