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C - Part 5
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What does an Cave in a dream mean? A Cave in a dream can represent:Caves are a 'Symbol of the womb'.Can represent the universal mother.A cave can be a symbol of the birth canal and the female vagina.Caves are associated with deep mind meditation and the unexplored parts of ourselves.These dreams may be indications of deep mental links and the unconcious.Have you been trying to get into the depths of a probl ...

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What does Celebration in a dream mean? Celebration in a dream can represent:Joy and recognition of your successes.The 'Joy of life'.Are you celebrating because you are proud of where you are in life and your accomplishments?Celebrating is an indication that you are living life to the fullest!Is there something in your life that you need to give celebration too? ...

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Celebrities/Famous People

What does a Celebrity/Famous Person mean in a dream? Celebrities/Famous People in a dream can represent:How do you feel about this person? What do you admire or dislike in them?What does this celebrity represent to you? Do they remind you of something special?Do their attributes remind you of similar ones in yourself that you like or dislike? ...

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What does a Centaur in a dream mean? A Centaur in a dream can represent:Greek mythologicl race of creatures who are part human and part horse.Symbols of the 'knight and the horseman'.Being ruled by your instints instead of mastering them.Sometimes seen as symbols of violent lust, adultery, brutality, vengefulness, heretics, and the Devil.Can represent the struggle within each of us between: good/evil, moder ...

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What does a Cerberus in a dream mean? A Cerberus in a dream can represent:Numerous faces, all hellish Gatekeeper to Hell Merciless prison warden ...

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