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Dreaming and The Seasons

The Seasons Affect Our Dreams

Absolutely everything on the planet is affected by the Seasons!

  • Each of the Four Seasons represents an integral part of ourselves and has an immense affect on our psyches and who we are.
  • Just as we follow monthly and yearly cycles, so to do our dreams.


 outdoor winter scene

Dreams during the Winter months are thought to be the most powerful and the clearest. These winter dreams revolve around spiritual awareness, inner growth and of going within/looking within.Visionary dreams about war, religion and politics often occur during this time. Winter dreams are said to be more easily remembered.

A Winter setting in your dream can represent an inward drawing of your energies.



Four Seasons in the Dream Dictionary

Dreams that occur during the Spring months tend to relate to new directions in your life. These dreams often signal out your emotional feeling about yourself and others. Visionary dreams regarding teaching, motherhood and disease most likely occur during the Spring months.

Having a Spring setting in a dream signifies new growth and new beginnings.


 dandilions in grass

Dreams during the Summer months are often concerning your intellectual self. These dreams often revolve around mental thought processes and social concerns. Visionary dreams about inventions and science tend to occur during the Summer months.

Summer settings in dreams represent carefree joy.


colourful autumn trees

Dreams occurring the Fall months revolve around completion. These dreams tend to also concern the physical body, sexuality, completion and creativity. Visionary dreams that are about creative inspiration tend to occur during these months.

Autumn settings can relate to harvesting and of abundance.

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