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Dream Interpretation | The Art of Letting Go

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I recently read a blog post by one of my favourite bloggers Marc and Angel and was literally exclaiming out loud ‘that’s it! That’s exactly what I’m talking about!”…  They had hit on some of the very same key points that I often bring up for working with your dreams, dream interpretation and dream therapy.

This specific blog post was called “5 Things you should know about letting go”  and you might at first think it wouldn’t be related to dream interpretation.  That couldn’t be farther from the truth.  The very first line from their blog post is: “ Even after you let go, the past is still part of who you are.” And THAT is one of the very fundamental keys to interpreting your dreams.




The following is an excerpt from this particular blog post:

1.  You are subconsciously matching patterns from the past with the present.

When an experience in your life has emotional significance, it gets tagged in your brain as being important.  When the emotional experience is tragic, it triggers your brain’s fear mechanism, which tells your brain to remain on the lookout for any future conditions that vaguely remind you of this tragic experience (it does this to protect you from future harm).  Your brain then tries to match new experiences with the original one.  But depending on how emotionally attached you are to the original experience, it can lead to ‘false pattern matches’ which will inevitably lead you astray.

For example:

  • A muscular man assaulted you, so now you find it hard to trust all muscular men.
  • An old boss verbally harassed you, so now you have trouble respecting a totally new boss or different authoritative figure.
  • Etc.

Again, these false pattern matches occur whenever you respond negatively and over-emotionally to a particular experience.  And it all happens subconsciously too.  Logically, you know that all muscular men are completely different human beings, but emotionally you respond as if they are one.

If you feel that you are stuck because you can’t move beyond a past experience, then your brain is relating to it as if it’s still happening right now, which means it’s matching patterns improperly in the present.  Here’s a two-step solution that might help:

  1. Ask yourself:  “What specific past experience and associated feelings do my current feelings remind me of?”  Dig deep and be honest with yourself.
  2. Once you have determined the origin of your current feelings, list all the ways your current circumstances differs from the past (the original experience) – this should include the places, people, and details that caused you pain and discomfort.  Review the differences over and over again until you have them completely memorized.  This should help you realize and remember that circumstances have indeed changed.




Specifically their 2-step solution for finding these ‘conditioning false –pattern matches’ is nearly identical to the process of figuring out your dreams that I talk about and share with this site and my dream therapy clients.

We talk about how our past experiences, along with our present experiences and situations all come together in our dreams, in order for us to work through issues and move on.  It also allows you to see how its possible that every single situation, symbol or even in someone’s dream is unique and special to them.  Everyone’s dreams reflect their own unique experiences in the world.

To interpret your dreams and pull those past, sometimes harsh experiences to the forefront is the first step in healing.  The first step in letting go…


If you haven’t already been introduced to Marc and Angel online, I encourage you do so.  I feel so blessed to have connected with them over the past year or so, and reading their blog has made significant difference in my life on a daily basis.  If you’re looking for words of encouragement or motivation – they’ve got it spades! 🙂


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