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Dream Interpretation | The Language of your dreams


language of dreams

Imagine you are suddenly taking an exam.  You’re not in school right now, so this exam is out of the blue but you are going to take it anyways.  If you are lucky you might know a little bit about the subject or be able to make calculated guesses, and so perhaps getting a passing grade, if, like I said, you’re lucky.  However if you had known you might eventually be taking this exam, you might have at least been studying this subject for a while, even if just a little bit at a time and you would probably have a much better chance of getting a passing grade or even a near perfect mark if you had studied a lot!

This is what can happen when a bad or disturbing dream suddenly appears and we take notice of it.  Suddenly we want to understand this dream and we try to interpret it.   The problem with this situation is that we have not done any homework, and so are ill prepared to take the exam as it were.


What is the solution?


The solution is to study!


We all have our own unique dream language.


We need to study and understand this new language much like you would learn any other language such as Spanish or Greek.


Like learning any language, it takes time.  You gain knowledge of a new language piece by piece; literally word by word.  Eventually you learn how to use those individual words to form whole thoughts and communicate messages, ideas and feelings.  Even farther still, once you’ve really mastered a new language you will be able to understand jokes, puns, and metaphors etc., that defy a literal translation.  That is where you need to rely on more than just the word used, but also incorporate subtleties of gesture, facial expressions, tone of voice etc..  Also things like social proprieties and cultural phenomenon even, can be yet another layer on which to base your interpretation on.   Eventually you will learn what is actually being said, not just the face value of something.


This is all true of learning your own dream language as well.


The more you practice interpreting your dreams, the more you are learning about your personal dream language.  The more symbols you learn, the more you can understand the whole picture.  Just as the more words you learn in a language, the more you can understand the whole sentence.


Once you have begun to master this new language, interpreting your dreams will get easier every time!


To start studying your new dream language, follow these simple first steps:


Step 1.

Figure out what some of your most common dream symbols are.

Go through your dream journal and pick out symbols that seem to appear often in your dreams.  Perhaps there are some symbols that seem to play an important role in your dreams whenever they appear?  What are some symbols that produce strong feelings for you whenever they are in your dreams?  Remember these symbols don’t have to be objects, but could be a person, a place, a time of day even!  The main point here is to figure out symbols that have a strong enough impact in some way that it will make it easier for you to identify their special meaning for you.

Step 2.

Define a few specific meanings those symbols have for you.

These meanings could be from the past, or the present.  A specific symbol may have meant something specific for you in your childhood, but in the present day, has a totally different meaning or importance to you.  Think about all of the different meanings you can for each of the symbols you previously identified.


Step 3.

Find the connection to those symbols and their meanings to your life right now.

Find the latest incidence of one of your chosen symbols showing up in your dream.  Looking at all the possible meanings for that symbol, can you relate any of them to what is going on in your life right now?



Once you can see the connection to one specific symbol, you will begin to get a feel for how this language works.  As you start to make connections to specific symbols, you can then start to decipher the bigger picture in your dreams and their overall content.


Start small. Try figuring out one or two symbols for now and keep progressing.  Over time you will be able to interpret more and more of your unique dream language!







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