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Dream Interpretation | Function of our Dreams

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Sometimes when life becomes overwhelming and you have a lot of stresses coming at you at once, it can be hard to wade through the emotional pool to get to the heart of one of the individual problems or issues, in order to start making breakthroughs and smoothing out the course.

This is where taking stock of our dreams, their content and their interpretations can become very helpful.

Studies have shown that when people are going through a divorce, those people that actively dream of their ex-spouses and process dream scenarios or conflicts at night reflecting those break ups, are those most likely to overcome the stress of divorce with resilience and enjoy happiness once again.

Reliving the emotional trauma of the current waking situations that are causing us anxiety helps with the process of moving through that tough situation and moving on to happier times.

If you are going through tough times, take stock of what you are dreaming about and notice any connections that run parallel to your waking life situations; particularly the more stressful ones.  If you notice that you are dreaming in one way or another about the situation, the people or the feelings that are part of your waking stresses, it helps to know, that those are good signs.  Dreaming about things that are stressful to us, even if you feel like those dreams are a little disturbing to have, are indeed helping you to move past those tough situations, because your brain is processing your feelings and emotions and acknowledging what you are feeling deep inside your subconscious.

When we acknowledge that which we fear the most, it is never quite as scary as it is, when we try to hide from it.  When we dream of things that stress us out, even if we are not acknowledging them in our waking lives, our subconscious is still acknowledging them and therefore the recognizing (of our fears and stresses) is still being done and the healing process has still begun.

I’ve often talked about how dreams are at the very least a fun form of entertainment; fantastical dramas played out that our waking minds can only boggle at for the sheer unbelievable nature of the events etc.  However, there IS an actual real and necessary function to our dreams that is happening whether we are acknowledging it or not.

Scientists are continually learning more about how the brain works, its limits, its capacities, its functions, and also that we currently use but a fraction of its actual potential.  This doesn’t mean that those secrets of the brain that we haven’t yet uncovered aren’t there; it just means we haven’t interpreted those secrets yet to allow us to understand ourselves that much better and to function as human beings at a higher and more elevated level.

The same is true for dreams.

If we do not recall or interpret our dreams every night, it doesn’t mean that our dreams are not happening or serving their purpose as part of the brain’s function as a whole.  It simply means that there is unharnessed and uncaptured learning yet to be discovered.

This is the most wondrous part about it for me; the fact that everyone has the potential to learn significantly more about themselves through each and every dream and its interpretation.

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