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Dream Interpretation | How Dream Interpretation Makes Us Brave

dream interpretation takes vulnerability


A friend of mine recently told me he didn’t dream.  Since he had never remembered a dream before, he figured that he just didn’t have them.  I told him it was only that he just didn’t remember them, but that they were still happening.  Dreaming is a function of the brain that happens every night and whether we are aware of it or not, it’s still going on.

I’ve often had this same conversation with other people, where they tell me they couldn’t explore dream interpretation because they don’t even remember having any dreams.  Each time I’ve told them, that the very act of consciously wanting to remember their dreams would bring them forward.  With this particular friend I didn’t even mention this fact to him, however that very next morning he remembered his dream upon waking.

The first thing he began to tell me was how the dream was disturbing to him and left him feeling confused and a little rattled even.  He didn’t like it.  He even felt a little annoyed that I had ‘jinxed’ him into having a dream… LOL!  What he recalled was a scene that didn’t make any sense to him, because none of it could have happened in ‘real life’; it just felt like a bunch of awful moments that made him wake up feeling, well, awful.  Of course he was a little annoyed, his dream wasn’t full of ‘positive’ stuff, and it didn’t feel good!

However I was able to walk with him through the dream and together we were able to pull a part the different scenarios of the dream so he could see the connection to the things in his dream and the issues in his waking life and more importantly, the feelings he was dealing with.  My friend was going through some really tough stuff and there were a lot of negative emotions that he was struggling with.

His dream showed this quite clearly, and brought some of these feelings to light a little, and helped him see where he was at; giving him a little insight into how he was feeling in life at the moment, and I hope, making him feel just a little more confident.  Knowledge is powerful, and the more we know, the less we are afraid, and so the more you know yourself, the more confidently you can walk through life.

I hope that my friend will continue to explore his dreams and use them to shed light on his feelings and inner struggles, and use the knowledge to grow stronger from – the simple act of sharing his dream and being willing to be vulnerable with me to discuss it, makes me see that he is well on his way to being truly happy, and that he is already someone who is brave.

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