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Dream Interpretation | Interpreting You

dream interpretation


Knowing yourself inside and out and living a harmonious life while feeling peace within your heart and mind can all be attained by paying attention to your dreams.  Taking the time to review your dreams can be very enlightening, showing you a perspective of yourself within your own life that is otherwise left unseen.

The dream itself isn’t the ‘thing’ you are interpreting.  You are interpreting yourself.  Whether that makes you see it as harder or easier is up to you, it may however help you to understand the point of dream interpretation and why it can help with self-growth and why it’s essential to your overall well-being and in creating a healthy and balanced life.

Your dreams can help bring awareness to behaviours and tendencies that you want to change.  Dreams can also be encouraging and inspirational, often helping you to realize your own potential; bolstering your inner strength to go forth and be brave in your life!

Your dreams are telling you something about the way you are moving about in your life; where you need to concentrate your energies and what directions you need to turn away from.  Everything in your dreams are a reflection of your inner self talk, fears, doubts and worries as well as wishes and dreams for your future.

Pay attention.

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