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Dream Interpretation | Building Self Confidence


dream interpretation builds confidence-dreamanity


Dream interpretation can help build confidence in yourself

and make you feel ready to tackle anything that comes at you.

(This is because interpreting your dreams is really just interpreting yourself; your inner, unconscious self that dictates your reactions and beliefs in life, but that we aren’t always consciously aware of.)

When you interpret a dream in a meaningful and honest way, you will gain the gift of self-knowledge that will allow you to move in this world with more ease and less stress.

Learning to interpret your dreams takes practice like anything else, but the really amazing thing is that even a little interpretive insight from a dream can be enough to have a big impact on your life.

When you first start out interpreting your dreams, you will most likely gain a basic understanding or an overall theme that is present in your life.

As you gain more and more experience deciphering the language of your dreams, you will begin to notice the multitude of tiny details that make up a dream that can all be interpreted and given meaning.   More interpretations equals more self-awareness and increased self-understanding.

Blindly moving through life, not taking stock of your role in the journey or taking time to reflect on your behaviours and actions can be detrimental in many ways.  Hiding what we really feel, pushing away fearful thoughts and feelings, only serves to increase our discomfort and cause us daily turmoil and ultimately can lead towards self –destructive behaviours.

Dream interpretation can bring all these feelings and harmful behaviours to the surface, effectively shining a helpful light during those overwhelming and darker times in our lives.

Seeking out real, intuitive answers to the meanings behind your own personal dream symbols is one of the most important parts of the dream interpretation process.  Without a meaningful interpretation to guide you, you will be less likely to gain any honest and truthful insights into your psyche.


Learning ways to find the correct meaning for your dream symbols can take a bit of detective work, but one that can also be fun (or at least I think it is…!).  One of the most detrimental things to happen to dream interpretation however, has been the development of dream symbol dictionaries that attempt to tell you exactly, in very specific terms and in a very one dimensional way, what each and every symbol in your dreams mean.  In fact, reading and taking word for word those static meanings as truth will do more harm than good for your own personal and meaningful dream interpretation.


The problem with those one size fits all dream dictionaries, is exactly that; they don’t allow for any individual interpretation to one single person and that one single dream that is being interpreted.


If we remember that dreaming is a real function of our brains that deals with our own individual and extremely personal nature (including emotions-past and present and situations and circumstances wholly unique to us), then it would then follow that dreams are as unique as we are. No two human beings are the same, neither are their dreams.  It therefore stands to reason that the same rules (symbolic meanings) shouldn’t be applied universally to interpret those personal and unique dreams.


Think of dream dictionaries as simply guides to get you thinking about the possible meanings for your specific symbols, in that one particular dream, and stay open to finding the true meaning for you.  In this way you are much more likely to have a real breakthrough and steer yourself toward some very honest self-reflection.


Self-reflection leads to self-awareness, and when we are aware of how we are feeling and what we personally bring to the relationships and situations in our lives, we can better cope when circumstances get tough and grow from them, instead of being stifled or emotionally stuck by them.



To me, dream interpretation is all about finding our true voice inside, our unique voice that is us and us alone. If you can access your inner self and unconscious mind, you can meet your true identity face to face, and in that place of truth, you can conquer your ego and slay your fears.


This is where confidence comes from.


And confidence is what propels us forward and makes us feel strong enough to reach our goals in life and explore new heights.






Here are a few ways to search for the right meaning for your own personal dreams and their symbols:

Look up the symbol on the internet and scan the various results for anything that catches your eye…you will be surprised at what you might find that will spark a knowing inside yourself.

Ask yourself what associations you have with the specific symbol on its own, once taken out of the context of the dream and figure out what your own personal feelings are towards it.

Talk to a friend about your dream and get their opinion or interpretation and see if those ring true for you…at the very least you will gain a different perspective on your dream and at best they can help shed light on a true interpretive meaning for you.

Use dream dictionaries to jog your memory and make you think outside the box for other meanings you hadn’t thought of at first or ones you hadn’t considered.

Think about creating your own dream symbol dictionary and keep track of what particular symbols mean to you.  Over time you may begin to see patterns, as well as gain further insight into repetitive symbols.


Interpret your dreams, transform your life!


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