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What does a Baby in a dream mean? Possible meanings of a Baby in a dream:Babies represent an innocence and purity in the world.Are you embarkening on a 'New beginning'?A Baby in a dream can also symbolize the 'undeveloped' parts of yourself.Have you been too dependant lately on others to take care of you?Perhaps the baby in the dream was representing a certain vulnerability you are experiencing lately? ...

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What does a Bachelor mean in a dream? A Bachelor in a dream can represent:Craving people / feeling aloneFeeling flirty / feeling pursuedA last hurrah before a big committemnt or a settling down. See also 'Male/Masculine' and 'Marriage' ...

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What does a Back in a dream mean? A Back in a dream can represent:Confidence - keep your back straight.Strengths‘He's got a monkey on his back' - BurdensBacking someone up/Having someone's back - being there for someone. ...

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What does a Backpack mean in a dream? A Backpack in a dream can represent:Packing light for simple travelling.Carrying only the essentials with you.Are you suffering the burden of carrying around too much ‘baggage’ in your life? ...

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What does Bacon in a dream mean? Bacon in a dream can represent:'Bringing home the bacon' - the money maker in the family. ...

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