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Famous Inspirational Dreams

Inspirational Dreams Can Change The World!

There is no doubt that our dreams can have an impact on our own lives, but they can also inspire whole generations and cultures too.
Over the years many artists, writers, entrepreneurs and scientists have been creatively inspired, had new ideas generated and have come up with important discoveries for the modern world all from their dreams.

Dream Interpretation has helped many people reach great heights!  Check out these famous people who saw great success thanks to their own Inspirational Dreams!

• Robert Louis Stevenson also dreamt of his famous story of ‘Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’.

• The original concept for the novel ‘Frankenstein’ by Mary Shelly came to her in a dream.

frankenstien's face

• The tune for the hit Beatles song, ‘Yesterday’ came to Paul McCartney in a dream one night.

• Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity was inspired by a dream.

Dream Analysis Shapes Our Society!

• Ireland’s Saint Patrick, followed not one, but two of his dreams to becoming the famous missionary he is now as.

• Stephen King’s horror novel “Misery” was also apparently inspired from a dream as well as other ideas included in his novel “It”.

cover of book misery

• Pro golfer Jack Nicklaus improved his golf swing following a dream he had where he held his club differently.

• Frederich Kekule contributed his discovery of the chemical structure of benzene to a dream he had. His dreams also helped him make important discoveries in figuring out the nature of carbon.

• Shortly before being assassinated, Abraham Lincoln had a dream about his own death.

• More recently, the pop culture phenomenon ‘Twilight’ all started from a dream sequence that author Stephanie Meyers had in 2002.

twilight poster with bella and edward

• Nobel Prize winner Dr. Frederick Banting found a cure for diabetes following an important dream.

• The first self-made millionaire C.J. Walker can contribute her success to receiving the answer to a vexing problem one night in her dream.

• Otto Loewi, won a Nobel Prize in Medicine, when he discovered the secret of nerve impulses from not one, but two of his dreams.

• The solution for how to build the modern convenience that is the ‘sewing machine’ came to inventor Elias Howe through a scene in a dream he had one night.

elias howe sewing machine

Never pass off dreams as meaningless wanderings of the mind!
Pay attention to your Inspirational Dreams!

What could your dreams be telling YOU?

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