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Dream Symbols For Waking Life

Learn to Interpret Symbols In Your Waking Life Too!

Can we recognize and interpret symbols in our waking lives just like we do in our dreams?  There is no reason we can’t, or shouldn’t do so. Some call it synchronicity; others call it listening to our ‘higher selves’…whatever you refer to it as, it is yet another ‘tool’ we have at our disposal, so why not use it?

If you are open and are actively noticing, you will see these messages and start noticing them.
If you are indeed aware enough to recognize these waking symbols and messages, then you have most likely already reached a heightened level of intuition and awareness.

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Just as you are learning to recognize your own nightly dream symbols, so to should you learn to see your symbols and their messages during the day so you can interpret them as well.
Our higher consciousness is always working to help us make a better existence for ourselves. Always working to help us realize our full potential and steer us on a path towards happiness, success and enlightenment.

When you learn to see these messages during the day you will begin to experience a truer sense of yourself and live with a greater sense of surety that you are directing your own existence towards a happier future.

Dream Analysis for Symbols In Waking Life

Night time dream symbols may be interpreted the same when noticed during the day, or alternately you may find that the messages are more literal.  If you are open to recognizing them, it will become easier and easier to ‘see’ them and see the messages they are giving you.

Have you ever had the experience in your real life where a certain symbol (person, object, word etc) comes up over and over again? You’re driving down the street and the words ‘go ahead’ jump out at you from a billboard, then someone says those exact words to you 5 minutes later? Perhaps you’re reading a book later that night and the words ‘go ahead’ jump out at you from the page again.


Life uses dream symbols during our waking life to interpret just as it does in our dreams.
Our notice of these messages is only limited by our ability to be open enough to realize they are there.


Dream Interpretation and dream analysis are useful tools that can help us with our daily lives and will make us more aware when dream symbols pop up during our waking lives.

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