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10 Dream Symbols That Can Indicate Stress

Dream Symbols That Indicate Stress

10 Dream Symbols that show up when we’re stressed out.

When stress rears its ugly head in our lives sometimes we are successful in dealing with it, but sometimes it gets the better of us. At times the stress we’re experiencing takes its toll and we even start to lose sleep over it. During these times, we will often start noticing the expression of our pain show up in our dreams. Learning to interpret your dreams is essential to be able to understand and identify your stresses and live a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

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The following are common dream symbols that appear in our dreams in times of stress:

• Rage
Feeling rage in a dream is all about repressed emotions, usually negative ones, and letting you know you need to get release and express them in a positive way, as they are ‘eating you up inside’.

• Falling
Falling dreams are often about a loss of control and feelings of insecurities. When you are falling in a dream you feel like you can’t do anything to help yourself.

• Fighting
Dreams that involve fighting are usually indicative that there are conflicts going on in your life. These can be emotional conflicts or real conflicts with other people etc.

• Storms
Storms are generally representing repressed emotion and internal struggle. The type of storm it is may also bring further insight into the particular stresses that you are experiencing.

• Teeth (losing or missing them)
Teeth are one of the most commonly dreamt about symbols. Here they are about loss of confidence and insecurities you are experiencing.

• Being lost
Repeatedly getting lost in your dreams represents your own confusions about which direction to go in life and the insecurities you have about making decisions.

• Being late
Being late in a dream can indicate that you are worried about missing out on something or not connecting with a good opportunity.

• Nudity
Nudity in inappropriate places in dreams is usually about feelings of insecurities, vulnerability and feeling exposed.

• Crashes
These dreams are all about loss of control, feeling that you are at the end of your rope with something.

• Running/Being chased
One of the most common type of dreams when we are stressed these dreams are all about fear. They are an indication that there is an area in your life that is intimidating to you and you need to confront it.

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