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My Story: The art of interpreting a dream

Dreams. They are at once mystical and mysterious and also common place. For many people a dream is something that is simply a fun form of entertainment. For others, dreams are a realm where they can play out their fantasies while lucid dreaming. Still yet there are those who are skeptical of dreams altogether and are in fact fearful of dreams or what dreams can reveal, if they are interpreted.

My own experience with dreams and interpreting them came at a very young age. I had a very active dream life and was at first just fantastically entertained by them. I told my family all about the dreams I had at night, wrote them out as stories and held on to them throughout the day while in school to use as ‘daydreams’. As time went on I started to realize that these ‘stories’ in my dreams, seemed to echo my own waking life and the circumstances going on in it.

Dream Interpretation Therapist

Young Dreamer

As I started paying attention to what was going on in my dreams, I started to realize that these so called ‘stories’ were actually about real emotional issues I was going through at the time. I started realizing that just by writing out my dreams and looking at them objectively, I seemed to feel an added sense of self assurance simply from knowing and being aware of what I was feeling. Then, as time went on, I started to see that my dreams also seemed to show me alternative ways of thinking or different perspectives on things, so that I might actually change or shift my own thinking or feelings and thereby gain a different outcome for myself in certain situations.

Over the years my dreams have been like a personal therapist to me. My dreams have showed me things about myself that my conscious ego wasn’t acknowledging, accepting or seeing clearly. They were things that I either wasn’t aware of, things I needed to face but hadn’t, objective opinions of my actions or simply affirmations of things I already knew and felt.

The art of interpreting a dream is definitely something that gets better with time and experience, but even a basic interpretation can reveal something. I like to use the symbol of the onion for a dream. Just like there are many layers to peel back on an onion, so too are there layers in a dream. The more you look, the more you reveal.

Happy Interpreting!


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